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Bruce D Hougham Research

Earth, water and air pollution control is essential in today’s environment. There does not seem to be much that any one individual can do to combat the sources of toxicity. Whether it is the food we eat, the water we drink or the air we breathe either outside or even inside the house.
My name is Bruce Hougham and my business is Bruce D Hougham Research. I graduated in 2015 from the Brockville Self-Employment Assistance Opportunities Program.
My wife, Sharon and I have Tomorrow’s solutions today. What I have to offer individuals is a free 1 hour assessment of your personal environment and sources of toxicity in your home through a tool which I call an Individual Sustainability Plan. You can visit me at

Sharon and I joined doTerra essential oils in November 2014 and we use the Life Long Vitality pack and other essential oils in our daily life. doTerra means of the Earth. Our motto is “There is an oil for that”.
She lives with fibromyalgia and I deal with mental illness. We use the essential oils topically, internally and diluted. Please visit my wife’s website
It is essential to drink and cook with pure water free of heavy metals, chemicals and even fluorides. As Sustainability Warriors we use filtered water that has been slightly alkanized from Santevia Waters.
People spend more time indoors than ever. There is dust, mites and chemicals in the air we breathe and conditions such as asthma, and sleep apnea are caused by these air born pollutants and toxins inside the house. We have the solution for you!
The Defenders from Filter Queen and the surface cleaner, the Majestic provide a solution to indoor air pollution. You can book an appointment through me at (613) 803-1107 or you can visit

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5-27 Aldershot Avenue
Brockville K6V 2P7

Bruce Hougham

Telephone: 613-803-1107

# of Emp: 1
Yrs In Bus: since 2015
Green Business:

Former Chemist looking for contracts to do research.




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Information Last Updated: Monday April 3, 2017