Brockville’s Municipal Election: School Trustee – English Public

Michel Labonte

Candidate for Trustee of Ward 5 in the Upper Canada District School Board

I have lived in Brockville since 1980 when I began a 30-year chemical engineering and management career at the DuPont/INVISTA plant in Maitland.  I am now a retired Professional Engineer. 

Through family, friends and volunteering, I know all 7 of the schools in our ward quite well (6 in Brockville and 1 in Maynard). My daughter has taught in both Maynard and Brockville since 2009.

My work has taken me through many roles and experiences that I strongly feel would contribute to quality decisions and the related communications from the School Board.

In 2018, I was appointed by the Board of Trustees to the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).  I have been the Chair of SEAC since January 2022.  This provincially mandated committee monitors and advises the Board on issues related to our special needs students and their families.

I have attended, or watched, every board meeting since 2017.  Accordingly, I well understand and value the multifaceted role of Trustee, as a local advocate, and board team member. 

I enthusiastically entered my name onto the ballot on May 2nd – the opening day of nominations.

I am looking forward to using my skills to effectively serve our area and board.

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John McCrea

‘My name is John McCrea. I’m the incumbent Trustee for Ward 5, Augusta and Brockville. I’m a grandfather who worries about the well-being, socially, economically and environmentally, of our children. Public funded education has always made Ontario better since 1816. As part of that long tradition I think being a Trustee matters. 

My purpose in seeking reelection as Trustee for Ward 5, Augusta and Brockville is to reestablish individual schools as more important than the UCDSB itself.

My strong suggestion is that Trustees lead from the front, rather than pushing the status quo. Senior staff do a good job of managing this $400 million corporation. Public Education, in the next four years will face crises that require forethought now. Elected Trustees in Public Education should question the status quo.

Trustees, in my view, should point to destinations and let staff manage how we get there.

Thanks  John