Recommendations from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Procurement Report – Letter to MPP Clark

November 3, 2023

MPP Steve Clark

Member of Provincial Parliament

Subject: Recommendations from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Procurement Report

Dear MPP Steve Clark

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to share with you a report released by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), along with partners Microsoft Canada and Medtech Canada, titled, “Power of the Purchase Order: Modernizing Public Sector Procurement in Ontario”. The report was developed to coincide with Supply Ontario’s ongoing efforts to centralize and improve procurement practices in the province and underscores the pressing need for change.

It is noteworthy that Ontario expends approximately $30 billion annually on procuring a vast range of goods and services. Given this substantial financial commitment, it is paramount that our government and the broader public sector remain vigilant in ensuring value for taxpayers. Beyond this, there is an immense potential to leverage this spending power to catalyze new markets, elevate living standards, and stimulate economic development.

However, it has been observed that the outcomes of public procurement in Ontario frequently fall short of expectations. The OCC report offers a comprehensive examination of the current challenges confronting our procurement system. It also proposes 23 transformative recommendations aimed at delivering results across the broader public sector. Some of the key suggestions include:

  1. Rethinking Procurement: Embrace collaborative, value-based procurement for complex purchases, with an emphasis on lifecycle costs, innovation, economic development, supply chain resiliency, and other long-term outcomes.
  2. Attracting Investment: Encourage participation through competitive contracts, transparent information sharing, and policies that support access for small, local, diverse, and green businesses.
  3. Innovating Health Care: Facilitate data sharing, ensuring health care procurement continues to be driven by technical expertise, and tackle implementation barriers to health care innovation.

Given the immense influence of public procurement on the economic and societal fabric of Ontario, it is vital that these recommendations are given the consideration they deserve. I kindly request you to bring these suggestions to the attention of the President of the Treasury Board and CEO of Supply Ontario. I firmly believe that by modernizing our procurement practices, we can usher in an era of enhanced efficiency, value, and innovation for the people of Ontario.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I trust that with your support and advocacy, we can realize the aspirations outlined in the OCC’s report.

Warm regards,

Pamela Robertson

Executive Director