City of Brockville News Release – Woolworths Property Announcement


Brockville, Ontario – December 6, 2023 – The City of Brockville is happy to share a significant update about a project that the community has been very interested in, and very patiently awaiting.

Mayor Matt Wren and Josh Gibson, Managing Partner of the Caber Group of Companies, shared Caber’s plans around a transformational investment in our community, specifically in Downtown Brockville.

The project represents one of the largest ever construction projects to occur on our city’s main street, and a development that truly stands to set our Downtown Core on a new trajectory.

“I feel that our news today about the redevelopment of the property formerly known as Woolworths will compliment other recent investments like the adjacent 48 King West luxury suites and move the needle forward tremendously.” said Mayor Wren. He went on to say; “I want to commend the members of Council from the last term for the unanimous decision to embark on this journey. It was a decision we reached together and that everyone supported, and I believe that is significant.”

In the subject property redevelopment, the City knew that the street front, as per zoning requirements for Downtown Brockville, would be commercial space with a desire for housing to be included in keeping with one of the City’s strategic goals of getting more people living downtown.

The community also wanted to ensure the historic ambiance of our downtown core was respected in the design – even though it would be replacing what would have been at the time of its build, a very contemporary façade. Other priorities included off-street parking and other professional spaces.

Caber Group is submitting its Planning application and we’re ready to commence the public process that will see this project move forward. This will include a statutory Public Meeting early in the New Year, as early as February, and staff bringing a recommendation to Council surrounding Caber’s application in the following weeks. During that process there is opportunity for members of the public to submit comments and ask questions.

Josh Gibson, Managing Partner of the Caber Group of Companies shared; “Today, Caber Group and our design partners at IDEA Integrated Design and Linebox Studios are happy to announce that we have submitted our Site Plan Application for the redevelopment of 36 King West. While there is still much work to do, we recognize that this is a significant milestone and one that the City and its residents have been anticipating for quite some time. We look forward to the public consultation process and remain committed to delivering this exciting project that will bring much needed housing to downtown and restore the heritage feel of the streetscape.”

Redevelopment in our historical downtown core is essential for preserving cultural heritage, stimulating economic growth, fostering community identity, and creating a sustainable and vibrant environment. It requires a careful balance between modernization and preservation to ensure the longevity and relevance of the downtown area.

At today’s 2pm announcement, Mayor Wren stated, “Thank you to those who’ve gotten us here today. For your courage, your imagination and your vision as I believe this will truly be a game changer for our City, for our Downtown core, and for the many small businesses who rely on us to create an environment where businesses can succeed.”

Information about public meetings will be shared on and on our CivicWeb


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