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The Great Mosaic:Reviving Ontario's Regional Economics



Sept 12, 2019



Industry report outlines strategies to unlock the economic potential of communities across the province


Brockville, Sept 12, 2019 – Today, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and the Brockville & District Chamber of Commerce released a new report, The Great Mosaic: Reviving Ontario’s Regional Economies. The report outlines how government of all levels can work with industry to unleash the potential of Ontario’s regional economies and reinforce the competitiveness of the province as a whole.


“We are only as strong as our weakest link and our ability to prosper depends on the strength of our different regions. Economic and population growth rates in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and Ottawa have far surpassed those in other areas of the province,” said Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “Our communities – and the province as a whole – risk falling behind if we do not leverage the rich and diverse competitive advantages of our local economies.”


The Great Mosaic: Reviving Ontario’s Regional Economies examines the opportunities and challenges faced by different communities across the province and offers a framework for thinking about the present and future of Ontario’s regional economies.


“We urge policymakers to take a modern and comprehensive approach to economic development by leveraging the existing competitiveness advantages of Ontario’s regions, and implement deliberate strategies to support long-term growth in communities across the province,” added Rossi.


The OCC’s report makes 17 recommendations to strengthen the well-being of Ontario’s regions. Key takeaways include:


  • The most cost-effective way to drive economic development is to cultivate talent, trade, and infrastructure. Governments should make it a priority to upgrade transportation and energy networks, modernize their regulations and business supports, offer dynamic education and training opportunities, and encourage labour mobility.
  • Building regional capacity for innovation is fundamental to productivity and growth. This means improving commercialization and technology adoption, strengthening regional innovation centres, expanding broadband internet access, and facilitating cluster development.
  • Modern governance of economic development should empower a wide range of stakeholders including businesses, post-secondary institutions, and not-for-profit organizations outside government. Regional collaboration, economic reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and the use of data are all critical to mobilizing local assets.


“In the face of technological transformation and globalization, there is no question that Ontario has what it takes to succeed. We are optimistic that the province can successfully navigate the modern economy if we work together to unlock the economic potential of our communities,” says

Pamela Robertson, Executive Director of the Brockville and District Chamber of Commerce


Read the OCC’s report, The Great Mosaic: Reviving Ontario’s Regional Economies here.


Read the OCC’s full list of recommendations here.

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Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, the Community Culture and Recreation Stream (CCR) - Deadline Nov 12, 2019

Please see attached. Capitol funding for Municipalities and non-profit sector (new builds or renovations; including Trails).


Follow the link and look at the guidelines. 




If you have any questions, please contact me. 😊


Sharon Proulx
Regional Advisor

Ontario Regional and Corporate Services Division

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

Cell: (613) 540-1198 






News Release

Ontario is Building Strong Partnerships with Municipalities

August 19, 2019

Premier Doug Ford Pledges to Work with Municipalities at Annual AMO Conference

OTTAWA — Today, Premier Doug Ford addressed the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) annual conference, where he committed to building strong, local partnerships with municipalities. Highlighting Ontario's investments in local communities, Premier Ford committed to equipping local governments with what they need to build their communities from the ground up, deliver better value for taxpayers, and build for the future.

"Our government's relationship with Ontario's municipalities is incredibly important to us," said Premier Ford. "As the level of government closest to the people, municipalities know the needs of their communities best. We must work together to put local communities back in the driver's seat of their own affairs."

Investing in infrastructure

The government is putting people first by making historic, strategic and local investments in schools, hospitals, transit, highways and other critical infrastructure. The government will be opening the Community, Culture and Recreation Stream under the federal Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program starting September 3, 2019. This program could unlock up to $1 billion in funding for important local projects such as community centres, sports arenas and cultural centres.

"That's what we mean by investing from the ground up and investing in people," said Premier Ford. "We're providing $144 billion over the next decade to make life better and easier for the people in our communities. Every project will help boost the local economy, create jobs and help businesses grow, while increasing revenues for local governments to reinvest into their public programs and services."

Promoting fiscal sustainability 

The government is committed to working with Ontario's municipalities to find savings, drive efficiencies and modernize service delivery. 

Premier Ford announced municipalities will receive transitional funding in 2020, which will ensure municipalities can continue to fund critical services like public health and child care, while working with the Ontario government to reduce costs over the long term. 90 per cent of eligible municipalities took up the government's offer earlier this year to help fund line-by-line reviews. Both levels of government will continue partnering together on cost-saving efforts in the months and years to come. 

The government is also increasing funding by an average of nearly four per cent for land ambulance services for 2019 and the funding will see an increase in 2020. The government is further ensuring there are no changes to the structure of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund for 2020. 

These steps will ensure municipalities can continue to deliver the services the people of Ontario rely on every day, while local governments work with the province to find efficiencies and help put Ontario on the path to fiscal balance. 

Cutting red tape in local communities

Premier Ford celebrated the province's progress on removing unnecessary red tape and reducing reporting requirements imposed on municipalities by the province.

To date, the government has identified 94 provincial reporting requirements for elimination and is simplifying or consolidating 27 others. This will allow municipalities to focus on the things that matter most — the frontline services people rely on every day. 

The government is reducing the reporting burden on municipalities through measures that include: 

  • Removing certain requirements from future transfer payment agreements for large municipal transit projects;
  • Eliminating the auditor's reporting requirement for government partners in the training, colleges and universities sector, except for organizations deemed to be high risk; 
  • Eliminating eight reports in the long-term care home sector; 
  • Consolidating two reports under the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative;
  • Simplifying cemetery and crematorium reports under the Bereavement Authority of Ontario;
  • Simplifying the Annual Survey of Public Libraries; and
  • Adopting an electronic distribution process to eliminate sending hard copies of reporting requirements to the Ministry of Transportation.

"Municipalities know how to make every dollar count because they know where it's needed most," said Premier Ford. "The province inherited a massive debt and broken systems for health care, education, and social services from the previous government. The solution shouldn't be imposing one-size-fits-all solutions from Queen's Park. Rather, we should focus on giving our municipal partners more flexibility with their budgets to protect core services."

"We recognize there's tremendous value in our municipal relationship. It's important we continue to talk, listen and work together on our shared priorities," said Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. "We've had 11 meetings with AMO over the past year and brought 53 items forward for consultation. I want to thank AMO for their input and advice. We'll continue working with all of our municipal partners to deliver better results for the people of Ontario."



  • Ontario’s municipalities work together to achieve shared goals and meet common challenges through the Association of Ontario Municipalities (AMO). The AMO is a non-partisan, non-profit association that supports and enhances strong, effective municipal government in Ontario.
  • All Government of Ontario ministers are attending this year’s AMO conference.
  • The AMO annual conference gives representatives from Ontario municipalities, provincial decision-makers and other civic stakeholders from across the province the opportunity to meet and share ideas about how to work together to solve some of the biggest challenges facing governments today.




Ivana Yelich
Premier’s Office

Office of the Premier

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Chamber Group Insurance Update

The Brockville and District Chamber of Commerce  and Brett Tanner, Regional Director for the Chambers Plan are pleased to announce that O’Farrell Financial will now be joining us in Brockville to market, sell and service members and local business not currently with the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan. Below is a brief synopsis of what O’Farrell Financial is all about in their own words;

“At O’Farrell Financial, we provide employee benefits and group retirement savings plan’s as well as financial and estate planning services to help our clients live the life they want today and secure the legacy they want for tomorrow. Regardless of where we are in our lives, whether we’re starting a family or planning our estate, purchasing a home or planning for retirement, a plan helps us get the best of what we want the most. That’s why our clients count on us to support them in creating and acting on plans that meet them where they are in life. Our Employee Benefits Division specializes in providing our clients with the best possible solution for their unique needs. David Murray, will work with your organization to obtain the most cost-effective sustainable plan available, to ensure you get the best plan design to attract and retain key employees. Working with the Chambers Plan its unique pooling system and not for profit nature also provides for more long term cost certainty and stable renewals. Creating the employee benefits plan for your business takes experience and knowledgeable advice; we will work with you to find the right fit.”

Contact Information:

David Murray

Phone: 613-774-2456 Ext: 427



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New Aquatarium Executive Director Appointed




Friday July 26, 2019


For Immediate Release




New Aquatarium Executive Director Appointed

The Board of Directors of the Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ms. Michelle Osborne as Executive Director, effective Tuesday August 6, 2019. Ms. Osborne was selected through a comprehensive, four stage competition from among a field of over thirty applicants. She brings a wealth of experience in leadership from the not-for-profit sector with a particular focus on financial management, building community partnerships and leading teams. The Aquatarium Board of Directors is happy to begin the next phase of its journey with Ms. Osborne and welcomes her to the team.


Questions from the media may be directed to Sarah Laturnus at (613) 342-6789 ext. 7003 or via email at slaturnus@aquatarium.ca



Jeremy Hobbs                                      Robin TeKamp

Aquatarium Chair                                    Aquatarium Vice-Chair



6 Broad Street, Brockville, Ontario K6V 0C4



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Canarm Expansion Gets Green Light.


Canarm expansion gets green light -via Recorder Newsroom "The company plans essentially to double the size of its Parkedale Avenue site, adding 102,000 square feet over two phases running three or four years. The first phase is intended to add 53,000 square feet.


Canarm chairman and chief executive officer David Beatty has said the expansion represents an investment of some $10 million in the first phase alone, and has suggested the expansion could add 20 to 50 new jobs."




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We Have News from Cole Solutions Ltd



We Have Some News!

We at Cole Solutions Limited are announcing that as of June 3, 2019, we have entered into an agreement of a strategic acquisition and partnership with The Sign Shop. This strategic partnership is set to be officially completed on or before August 30, 2019, in Ottawa, ON. The Sign Shop has been serving their customers for over 30 years and although they first opened in Ottawa, they now support and serve Canadians coast to coast. This strategic partnership includes acquiring all of their state-of-the-art printing equipment, technology and tools for use with future client projects.

Throughout the remainder of this year, we will slowly combine and relocate their hard-working team to a new Cole Solutions Limited location, which is pending confirmation. We are committed to sustainable printing and with our new acquisition over 75% of the products we print will be complete with eco-safe latex inks. We will continue working towards printing with 100% latex as new technology is released.

We welcome all new staff and clients and look forward to working with you in the future.

Order Your Election Signs Now

Are you looking for affordable election signs for the fall? We have tons of options with prices starting from as low as 7.33¢ per item! Take a look at our pricing chart and call us for a chat. We can print pre-designed images by you (meeting our printing specifications) or you can ask our design team for help.

Request A Print Quote Today


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2019 Election Pricing

Have any questions about our other products?

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Let's Get In Touch!


You can also call us at

Toll Free: 855-353-COLE (2653)

Local: 613-704-1249

Or Email us at



Cole Solutions Ltd | ColeSolutionis.ca



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Adfuel Media Inc - Save-A-Buck App


AdFuel Media Inc., a Chamber member, is providing every Chamber member with our Save-A-Buck mobile app (or it's sister mobile app, Flavours, if you are a restaurant, winery, brewery, food purveyor etc.) to make it easier (and more likely) for tourists and locals to do business with you.
AdFuel has led the way for the past 18 years in enabling local businesses to engage profitably with the 14 million + annual visitors to Niagara Region as well as with a thriving local community.They want to provide all Chamber Members with the same advantages.
When tourists arrive in your area, it is desirable that they spend as much money as possible with local businesses while they are here. And it's equally important for locals to be able to easily identify, access and visit the right businesses to meet their needs.
The app provides these potential clients a comprehensive mobile guide in the palm their hands. It increases awareness of your business and works effectively to drive more revenue for you.
The App - A Few Facts
Although the app is called Save-A-Buck. There is no requirement to discount the products or services of a listed business. The name references the fact that users will be able to find the appropriate business for their requirement with a minimum of hassle, thus saving them time and money. Restaurants and other food & wine-related businesses will be provided with a similar app called Flavours.
The apps provide several key advantages to facilitate spending locally:
  • To accelerate wide-spread use of the app by visitors and locals in Brockville, it will be publicized as follows:
    • AdFuel Media will use its AdFuel Location-Based Digital Advertising to hyper-target key areas in Brockville with information on the app and how to access and download it to their mobile devices
    • AdFuel Media will publicize the app's availability in Brockville on its own website
    • Both the Brockville Chamber and Brockville Tourism will publicize the app on their websites along with information on how to download it (from Apple or Android sites)
  • 14 million tourists visit Niagara Region annually. These visitors frequently travel to other tourism areas within Ontario. Members' listings will be visible to this large and affluent audience.
  • All listings for an entire city or region can be downloaded to end-users' mobile devices to avoid roaming charges.
  • Information is presented in a consistent format, increasing utility to end-users since they can easily find information on any listing.
  • Business owners can update their own information 24/7, to ensure current data is being displayed. You totally control your own listing.
Update: July 9, 2019
ADFUEL MEDIA INC., one of our members, has added a significant new feature, Geofencing, to their Save-A-Buck business listing app, which increases the value for each Chamber Member to $1,476.00. The app will still be free of charge to all Chamber members.
Geofencing will automatically send any offer you create on the app to anyone passing by your premises who has their cellphone switched on. You have complete control over your own offers.
Usernames and passwords will be distributed to all Chamber Members on Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16, along with an easy-to-follow Users' Guide so each member can customize their own listing specific to their business. We will also provide you with a contact for any questions you may have.
The total value to Chamber Members is approximately $470,000.00.
We would request that Members try to complete their listing updates within two weeks of receipt of their usernames and passwords, as we will begin publicizing the app to end-users at that time. These prospective clients will be much more likely to do business with your company if your listings are up-to-date with accurate information.


For more information contact Dave at   David@AdFuelMediaInc.com

Click to see the Features and Benefits of the Save-A-Buck App


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Welcome New Members from April to end of June 2019

New Members to the Brockville and District Chamber of Commerce  from April to end of June 2019



BBL Energy Inc 

Kevin C. Leonard Medicine Professional Corporation 

Brockville Hyundai 

RD Athletics - Kemptville 

Moose McGuire's - Brockville 


Image result for logo with new members



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Good Governance - Robert's Rules of Order - Summary

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Brockville & District Chamber of Commerce officially opens nominations for the 2019 Awards of Excellence

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Premier Ford Announces Changes to His Cabinet

For the all the Cabinet moves, please see the chart below:



Minister’s Previous Role

NEW – “Associate Minister”

Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Ernie Hardeman



Attorney General

Doug Downey



Children, Community and Social Services

Todd Smith

Economic Development

Jill Dunlop (Children and Women’s Issues)

Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

Vic Fedeli


Prabmeet Sarkaria (Small Businesses and Red Tape Reduction)


Stephen Lecce



Energy, Northern Development and Mines

Greg Rickford


Bill Walker (Energy)

Environment, Conservation and Parks

Jeff Yurek




Rod Phillips



Francophone Affairs

Caroline Mulroney



Government and Consumer Services

Lisa Thompson



Health and Deputy Premier

Christine Elliott

Health AND Long-Term Care

Michael Tibollo (Mental Health and Addictions)

Long-Term Care

Merrilee Fullerton

Training, Colleges and Universities


Indigenous Affairs

Greg Rickford




Laurie Scott



Intergovernmental Affairs

Rob Ford




Monte McNaughton



Municipal Affairs and Housing

Steve Clark



Natural Resources and Forestry

John Yakabuski



Office of the Chair of Cabinet

Vic Fedeli


Seniors and Accessibility

Raymond Cho



Solicitor General

Sylvia Jones



Tourism, Culture and Sport

Lisa MacLeod

Children, Community and Social Services


Training, Colleges and Universities

Ross Romano




Caroline Mulroney

Attorney General

Kinga Surma (GTA)

Treasury Board Secretariat

Peter Bethlenfalvy



Government House Leader

Paul Calandra



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Thank you to All of Our Sponsors for the 1000 Islands Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament, Boat Cruise and Patio Party

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