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February 2017

OCC Pre Budget Submission


Ontario Chamber of Commerce Pre Budget Submission



The Ontario Chamber of Commerce made its Provincial Pre Budget Submission today. Your Brockville and District Chamber of Commerce is a proud member of the OCC (Ontario Chamber of Commerce)

The document makes recommendations to the Provincial Government to focus on four key areas

 1.  Fiscal prudence and budget management.

 2. Address the infrastructure deficit within the Province and Municipalities.

 3. Foster business competitiveness

 4. Improve conditions to allow Municipalities to thrive

We will continue to monitor and report on the upcoming budget from Minister of Finance Charles Sousa and welcome your comments.



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Ontario Economic Report



Ontario Economic Report




What is the Ontario Economic Report (OER) all about? The OER details the state of the province using innovative research published for the first time. The OER includes the Business Confidence Survey (BCS), the Business Prosperity Index (BPI), and the 2017 Economic Outlook.


What does the Business Confidence Survey (BCS) reveal? The data shows that there is a considerable confidence gap between our members’ organizational and provincial economic outlooks. This trend continues in 2017.

·        Day-to-day challenges: hiring and electricity costs are directly impacting their ability to invest and grow.  

·        Among those who attempted to recruit a new staff member in the past 6 months, only 14% did not encounter any challenges in the process.

·        Only 24% of businesses surveyed are confident in Ontario’s economic outlook

What does the Business Prosperity Index (BPI) reveal? The BPI looks at income generation from business production and investment activities, and measures the excess resources business have after meeting their operational needs. For this version of the BPI, we track business prosperity in Ontario from 2000 to 2015. Moving forward, this index will be updated annually.

·        The BPI reveals that the share of prosperity derived from the production of goods and services has declined substantially over the past 15 years.

·        The contribution of the production of goods and services to Ontario business prosperity has fallen by 24%, even as business prosperity generally rose by 39% over the same period.       

·        A hesitation to grow or invest in the face of growing financial resources indicates that Ontario possesses a higher risk operating environment.

·        Ontario businesses are holding onto liquid capital rather than re-investing in their businesses (i.e. purchasing new equipment, expanding their footprint, or hiring new labour).

·        Cost of living, especially the cost of housing, is high, which means households have less disposable income and businesses have difficulty attracting new talent.Without strong household spending, market activity is weak, and with weak market activity business profitability suffers.

What does the Economic Outlook for 2017 tell us?

·        In 2017, Ontario is predicted to see increases in population size, labour force size, and positive net migration, while the rate of unemployment will continue to decline.

·        The unemployment rate is expected to continue its multi-year decline, with a projected rate of 6.5% in 2017.

·        Labour market participation will hold steady at 65%. Median residential housing prices will rise in all regions across the province.

Because of the challenges identified in the OER, the OCC will focus on three key policy priorities in the coming year:

·        Health Transformation

·        Skills and Workforce Development

·        Environment and Infrastructure 

In addition to these key policy areas, the OCC will continue advocacy on the energy file in order to reduce costs businesses in Ontario face. 

Ontario Economic Full Report

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Young Professionals Update



*NEW* for 2017, the Brockville & District Chamber of Commerce would like to keep our members up to date by providing you with a monthly blog. For our first submission, we would like to highlight our Young Professionals Network with a brief overview of 2016 and a snapshot of what's ahead.



Looking back on 2016, I can't help but be inspired and so proud of what the Brockville Young Professionals Network accomplished.

Although it has expanded and branched off into its own entity, the YPN is proud to support and be involved in the Brockville Winter Classic Weekend! We are so proud of what the weekend accomplished in 2016 - the success of the second annual tournament; the alumni game; and the top ten spot in Kraft Hockeyville all supported the continued improvements to Rotary Park.

2016 was a year of trying new events and finding new ways to connect with our members and community. From bus trips, to murder mystery nights, and our inaugural gala, we were overwhelmed by the support we received and how fun each event was! Through listening to feedback from our members, we will strive to ensure that every event planned for 2017 is engaging, meaningful, and provides valuable opportunities for our members to connect with each other & the community.

The young professionals in this area are an impressive and engaged group, dedicated to Brockville’s future. Having worked with many of them, I know how bright the future looks! 2016 was incredible, but we aren’t going to stop there - we've got some exciting events and opportunities planned for 2017, and would love to have you join us! Sign up for our newsletter or like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the YPN.

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New to the Chamber in January 2017

Welcome to….

Can Save Lives

Can Save Lives is your place that provides Manual Osteopathic treatments, Concussion testing and treatment and First Air CPR training for Brockville


It's All About Numbers

It's All About Numbers is a full service bookkeeping office. We do everything from books, to HST, to income tax. With 30 years experience we are here to educate you.


Windmill Brewery

We are a local craft brewery in Johnstown Ontario. Our beer is brewed using all natural ingredients without the use of artificial preservatives

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