Why Volunteer at the Chamber? I get a feeling of accomplishment doing something that others do appreciate and for the effort myself and others put into it.

(I enjoy) meeting other people who are like-minded in that they volunteer as well to get something done. I also like seeing the different ideas people have which are brought up at the meetings and activities. It expands my way of seeing things.

I have always tried to help other people and volunteering is one way of achieving that goal. (It provides) an ongoing feeling of achievement – sometimes it takes a lot of work, other times, not much.

(Volunteering gives you) the feeling of doing something for the greater good, no matter how insignificant or great, the goal or cause.”

Maurice Renaud, Brockville Psychiatric Hospital

(Volunteering) gets you involved in the organization without too much pressure. It provides the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things and feel good about it.

Rob Tavares, Freedom 55 Financial

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