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Responsible Energy Inc.

Responsible Energy Inc. (REInc) has invented a superior Cleantech energy conversion system that creates a world leading, high energy content synthesis gas (syngas) using any non-hazardous carbon-based material as feedstock. Prime sources of carbonaceous streams can be found in biomass, MSW (municipal solid waste), petroleum coke, biosolids, and hydrocarbons.

REInc’s Free Radical Gasification (FRG™) employs a multi-patented energy conversion process that creates a high-BTU syngas. The heart of the FRG™ process is the generation of a high temperature electric arc, which converts carbon-based feedstock into simpler molecules. In addition to its release of thermal energy, the internal arc emits ultra-violet light which acts to enhance the formation of syngas by harnessing the resulting free radical reactions. Most importantly, the innovative FRG™ technology increases the breakdown of molecular bonds per unit of energy input, improving efficiency and resulting in superior financial returns.

Responsible Energy Inc.
41 Broad Street
Brockville, Ontario K6V 4T9

Gordon Fraser

Telephone: 613-865-8045
Fax: 613-865-8036

# of Emp: 4
Yrs In Bus: 2007
Green Business: REInc is becoming an important piece in humanity’s environmentally responsible waste management puzzle. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and with the FRG™ technology, you can now properly add the fourth ‘R’, Renew. No longer, will burning or burying be your only options. To support this, REInc fully endorses a “Zero Waste” philosophy. The main question on everyone’s mind will be “Why did we not do this sooner?”


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Information Last Updated: Wednesday September 10, 2014