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How to enter:

  • Upon the purchase of a Valentine's Month Retail Box or a Valentine's Month Restaurant Kit you will receive a ballot to fill out and enter into the ballot box located at the specific business you made your purchase.
  • At the end of the program we will compile all of the ballots and do a prize draw for a local Staycation Package. 



Are you wondering how to earn additional ballots?

You can earn additional ballots by sharing photos of your Valentine's Month purchase from participating businesses on social media. 

Here's how:

1. Post a picture of your retail box or restaurant kit to social media using the hashtag #ShopWhereYourHeartIs.

2. Tag The Brockville & District Chamber of Commerce in your post.

3. We will be monitoring social media and once you have used #ShopWhereYourHeartIs and tagged The Brockville & District Chamber of Commerce we will record your name and enter an extra ballot into the draw for you. 

More details:

  • The post must be public in order for us to be notified and see it.
  • Alternatively, those who wish to keep their post private and only share it with their followers can send a screenshot of their post to student@brockvillechamber.com.



Attention Customers!

Below is an alphabetical list of all the participating businesses and their offers that are available for purchase from February 7th to March 4th:


All You Need Music

Guitar Lover Gift Box: $50.00 plus tax - regular price $72.50

  • T-Shirt of your choice
  • Pack of D'addario (EJ or EXL) Guitar Strings
  • Fender Phoenix Capo 
  • Fender String Winder
  • Ernie Ball Guitar Strap

Beauty Inside Wellness Spa 

Self-Love Valentine's Gift Box: $75.00 - regular $120 value

  • G.M. Collins Soft Hand Cream 
  • Sensastone CBD Bath Bomb
  • Rose Quartz Stone
  • $40 Gift Certificate for any regular priced services or products at Beauty Inside Wellness Spa 
  • Free access to a Self-Love online meditation recording from Beauty Inside Wellness Teachings
  • Our Gift to You - An additional $10 Voucher to go towards a service or retail item


Valentine's Food Box: $28.00

  • 2 Half Sandwiches with Soup of the day, OR 2 Full Sandwiches
  • 2 Cookies
  • 2 Cold Drinks or Coffee

Captain George's Fish & Chips 

Dinner for two: $30

  • 2 Haddock and Chips 
  • 2 Pop Cans 
  • 12 Sugar Clouds 

Cosies Tea Room 

Food Box: $45.00 plus tax

  • Afternoon Tea Sandwiches for 2 - Tuna, Mayonnaise and Cucumber (The Queens Favourite)
  • 2 Waldorf Salads
  • 4 Cocktail Sausage Rolls
  • 2 Scones - Jam and Cream
  • 2 Earl Grey Tea Bags (Substitutes available)

Cowan's Dairy 

Treat Box: $30.00

  • 50 Waffle Chips 
  • Side of Fresh Fudge Dip 
  • 2 1L Ice Creams 

Ebb & Flo - The Art of She

Glam Mystery Box: $65.00 plus tax - regular $175.00 - $250.00 value

  • Selection of Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Self Care for Her
  • Glam Mystery Boxes contain many high end brands such as: MAC, Avant, Able or Symbiosis Skin Care, Grounded, Spongelle, Grown Alchemist, Glo Science, and more

From Here to Infinity 

Valentine's Box Sale: $49.00

  • 3 Gordon Beck Photo Cards 
  • 1 Blank Notebook By Local Artist
  • 1 Box of 6 Coasters 
  • 3 Polish Folkloric Hanging Decorations 

Fun Art Paint Parties Studio & Gallery 

Fun Art Box - Two Options: $25.00

Oil Pastels Box: $25.00

  • Mont Marte Oil Pastels 
  • Mont Marte Sketch Pad 
  • Mont Marte Colour Dial 
  • Mont Marte Sketching Pencils

Watercolour Box: $25.00

  • Mont Marte Watercolour Set 
  • Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set 
  • Mont Marte Watercolour Pad
  • Watercolour Bookmark 


Dinner for two: $12.29 plus tax

  • 2 Original Burgers topped the way you want
  • Choice of 2 Sides (Fries or rings available)
  • 2 Drinks 
  • 4 Mini Cinnamon Donuts 

Heavenly Touch Spa

Valentine's Month Gift Box: $45.50

  • Each box includes 7 bath bombs with the following scents:
    • Dragon Fruit 
    • Fruit Loops
    • Watermelon
    • Eucalyptus
    • Green Apple
    • Coconut
    • Lavender

Kinda Electronics

Valentine's Special: Save $80.00 to $200.000 

  • Any new E-Bike purchased between February 7th and March 4th, Kinda Electronics will waive the Pre-Delivery Inspection Fees.

Manoll's Fish & Chips

Seafood Delight for Two: $30.00 plus tax

  • Fresh Cut Fries (2)
  • Piece of Haddock (2)
  • 3 Scallops (2)
  • 3 Shrimp (2)
  • Homemade Tartar Sauce
  • Seafood Sauce
  • Small Coleslaw


Moose McGuire's

Treats for Two: $10.00

  • 2 Hot Chocolates
  • Deep Fried Oreos
  • Pub Chips

O'Mally Kourt Fudgery - Retail 

Retail Basket: $50.00

  • 2 Hot Chocolate packs
  • Kenellas Olive Oil 
  • Boss Cat Bath Bomb
  • Baked Brie Topper
  • Smoke Show Sauce
  • Naked Bee Pocket Pack

O'Mally Kourt Fudgery - Restaurant 

Valentine's Food Bundle: $25.50

  • 2 fully loaded Paninis with bacon and Jambels Jerk Aioli 
  • 2 Jones Sodas
  • Popcorn or Kettle Chips 
  • Chocolate Bark 

Pauline's Lingerie 

"His" or "Hers" or a combo of "His & Hers" Give A Little Love Gift Boxes: $50.00

"Her" Give A Little Love Gift Box: $50.00

  • 4 Pairs of B Tempt'd OR Blush panties 

"His" Give A Little Love Box: $50.00

  • 1 Pair of Mens Saxx underwear (your choice).
  • 1 Pair of Mens Saxx socks (your choice).

Rawas Gifts 

Love You To The Moon Set: $50.00

  • Wishing Thread
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • And a gift of inspiration

Forever & Always Box: $50.00

  • Led Plaque
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Fashion Scarf

River West Co. 

Mrs. Perfect Comfort Box: $45.00 - regular $57.00 value

  • 1 250g Mineral Bath Soak 
  • 1 4 pack of Love Story Scented Tea Lights 
  • "Mrs. Perfect Mug"
  • 1 20 pack of Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies
  • 1 125g pack of Turkey Hill Maple Cream Chocolates 
  • 2 Single use Warm Drink Mixes (Hot Chocolate/Cider)
  • 2 Ginger Peach individually wrapped Tea Bags 
  • 1 Pair of warm ladies Dickies socks
  • 1 Sample of True Earth Eco Laundry Strips 
  • And some Good Juju hand cream samples

Mr. Perfect Comfort Box: $45.00 - regular $57.00 value 

  • 1 250g Mineral Bath Soak 
  • 1 4 pack of Love Story Scented Tea Lights 
  • "Mr. Perfect Mug"
  • 1 20 pack of Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies
  • 1 125g pack of Turkey Hill Maple Cream Chocolates 
  • 2 Single use Warm Drink Mixes (Hot Chocolate/Cider)
  • 2 Ginger Peach individually wrapped Tea Bags 
  • 1 Pair of warm mens Dickies socks
  • 1 Sample of True Earth Eco Laundry Strips 
  • And some Cypress hand cream samples

Richard's Coffeehouse

Valentine's Food Kit: 24.99

  • Choice of Feta Cheese and Spinach Bourika OR Macaroni and Cheese 
  • 2 Drinks of your choice
  • 2 Desserts of your choice

Savvy Footwear

Savvy Valentine's Box: $100.00 (limited supply of 3 boxes)

  • Real fur and silk key ring 
  • Gloves with real fur cuff
  • Bevi glass
  • Heart Shaped Earrings 
  • Heart Bracelet 

Tait's Fresh Start 

Valentine's Restaurant Kit: $35 plus tax

  • 2 Kaiser Turkey OR Roast Beef 
  • 2 Salads Mac and Potato 
  • 2 Valentine's Cupcakes 
  • 2 Drinks - Canned pop or juice

Taylor Sewing 

Taylor Sewing Valentine's Box: $49.00

  • Box of Chocolates
  • Votive Candle
  • $20 Gift Certificate to Taylor Sewing 
  • Bundle of 5 Fat Quarters (fabric 20" x 20")

The Cottage Witch 

The Cottage Witch Box: $75.00 - regular $95.00 value

  • Love Spell Jar
  • Rose Quartz Moon Pendant 
  • Call Love Forth - Tea Light Pack
  • Call Love Forth - Herbal Milk Bath 
  • Call Love Forth - Ritual Incense Bag
  • Two Pink Ritual Candles
  • Crystal Quartz 

Wild Little Roses

The Valentine's Gift of Local Box: $65.00 - Click here to order yours online.

  • A beautiful Mason Jar filled with assorted Seasonal Flowers 
  • 1 Willow and Roots Apothecary Locally created Soy Candle
  • 1 Sweet Caroline Sucker and Brockville Greeting Card

Calling all Brockville Retailers and Restaurants!

Get a boost to your Valentine’s Day sales with our “Shop Where Your Heart Is” Valentine’s month promotion.

Put together a gift box to make it easy for customers to support you through their Valentine’s shopping, OR put together a take-out kit for 2 that you will offer all month long.


Opportunity to Participate - Retail and Restaurant Valentine Month Program

How Does it Work?

For Retail:

  • Curate a selection of items from your shop that will fit in our supplied gift box
  • Pick your price point for your offer
  • Customers will visit your shop to purchase your curated gift box

For Restaurants:

  • Create a selection of meal or snack items for 2
  • Pick your price point for your offer
  • Customers will order their Valentine's kit in advance and pick it up from your restaurant

Benefits of Participating:

  • Be part of our marketing program at no cost to you
  • Receive a supply of sturdy gift boxes and decorative box sleeves OR a supply of 2-cup or 4-cup carry-out trays
  • Complimentary "Shop Where Your Heart Is" gift included in each
  • Each customer receives a ballot for a grand prize draw that will be held at the end of the program

How to Participate:

  • This program is open to all Brockville retailers and restaurants.
  • Plan what you would include in your curated gift box and set your price point
  • The program will run from February 7 - March 4, 2022

Contact Josh Hare at the Brockville & District Chamber of Commerce at 613-342-6553 or email student@brockvillechamber.com to get started.

Part of the "Shop Where Your Heart Is" program.

In partnership with the City of Brockville and Downtown Brockville (DBIA)